Blackburn Recycling Centre

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What is Blackburn Recycling Centre?

Blackburn recycling centre is a local government run facility that collects used paper, plastics and metal from the local community. The materials are then sorted and sold to businesses who use them in new products or recycled back into new products. This process helps reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill, reducing the amount of pollutants released into the environment. Blackburn recycling centre is open Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm, with closures for public holidays.

How do I recycle at Blackburn Recycling Centre?

You can recycle your materials at Blackburn recycling centre by dropping them off at one of the collection points located around the centre. You can also drop your materials off at the centre’s drop box located onsite. You can find more information about how to recycle your materials here:

The History of Blackburn Recycling Centre

The Blackburn Recycling Centre is a 1300 square foot facility that opened its doors in 2001. The Centre is operated by the Municipality of Blackburn and is located at 97 Main Street North. The Centre recycles materials such as plastics, cardboard, aluminum cans and other types of waste.

The Centre collects approximately 120,000 kilograms of material each year and processes it into new products. This includes creating new plastic products such as water bottles and recycling polystyrene foam into new products like packing peanuts.

It also offers educational programs for the community about recycling and the importance of reducing waste. The Centre has also partnered with the YMCA to offer programming for children about environmentalism and recycling.

What services does the offer?

The Blackburn Recycling Centre offers a wide range of recycling services including household hazardous waste, electronics and appliances, and construction and demolition waste. The Centre also accepts glass and plastic bottles and containers.

How much does it cost to recycle?

It charges a fee for materials that are recycled. The fee is based on the weight of the material being recycled. The fee is as follows:

  • Metals and Metallurgical Materials: £0.50 per pound
  • plastics: £1.00 per pound
  • paper: £0.50 per pound
  • glass: £0.75 per pound

Is the Blackburn Recycling Centre a drop-off location or do you have to bring your recyclable materials in?

It is a drop-off location only. You must bring your recyclable materials in to the centre.

What types of materials can I recycle?

Residents of Blackburn can recycle a variety of materials, including plastics, paper, aluminium and glass. This recycling centre offers residents a convenient way to dispose of their waste material in an environmentally friendly way.

The recycling centre accepts a variety of materials, including plastics, paper, aluminium and glass. Residents can drop off their recyclable material at the centre 7 days a week from 8am to 8pm. The recycling centre also offers residents the option to pick up their recyclable material on the same day it is dropped off. The recycling centre charges £5 for disposal of recyclable materials.

Residents can also bring items that do not fit into the recycling bin, such as electronics and appliances, to be recycled by the center. The center charges £10 for recycling electronic items and £20 for recycling appliances.

What happens to my recyclable

The process of recycling begins by sorting your recyclable materials into different categories based on their type and materials. At Blackburn Recycling Centre, all recyclable materials are sorted into the following seven categories: plastic, cardboard, tin cans, glass, aluminum cans, paper and plastics.

Once your recyclable material is sorted, it is taken to one of our onsite processing facilities where it is crushed into small pieces and heated until the plastic melts. This melted plastic is then poured into large molds called ‘pig molds’ and cooled until it hardens. The hardened plastic is then cut into small pieces and ready to be reused or sold as new products.

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